Transient Exposure
mixed reality installation with the Hololens2
Co-produced by reVerb, the Chitrasena Dance Company, Sri Lanka
and XR_Unites, HTW Berlin
Medientheater, Humboldt University, Berlin, 2021

Dance: Thaji Dias
Choreography: Heshma Wignaraja
Dramaturgy: Susanne Vincenz
Sound: Mareike Trillhaas
3D scans & Management: Umadanthi Dias
Developers: Christoph Holtmann, Laura Magdaleno Amaro and Ekaterina Losik
Project Coordinator: Maja Stark
Video & Scenography: Isabel Robson

Title photo: Dagmar Schürrer © XR_Unites, HTW Berlin

Impressum I. Robson, 2021